To Ink Or Not To Ink? Talking Tattoos And What They Mean Today

Aug 28, 2019

More Americans than ever have tattoos, with a recent Harris Poll survey finding three in ten adults are inked. Shifting attitudes toward tattoos are leading to changes in hiring practices, like a new Vermont State Police policy giving officer ink the stamp of approval, provided the tattoo is covered when in uniform. We're talking about changing attitudes around tattoos and what they mean today.

We'll talk with Deborah Blom, associate professor and acting Chair of Anthropology at UVM, to discuss how tattoos and other forms of body modification have deep roots in human history.

We'll also hear from Capt. Julie Scribner, staff operations commander with Vermont State Police, about VSP's updated tattoo policy.

And we'll talk with two Vermont tattoo artists — Lila Rees of Rock City Tattoos in Barre, and Jesse Levitt of Netherworld Studios in South Burlington — about attitudes, trends and the growing ubiquity of tattoos.

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Broadcast live on Thursday, Aug. 29, 2019 at noon; rebroadcast at 7 p.m.