Leahy, Sanders And Welch Condemn SCOTUS On Travel Ban

Jun 26, 2018

Vermont's Congressional delegation is condemning a U.S. Supreme Court decision that upholds the Trump Administration’s ban on travel from five predominantly Muslim countries.

Speaking on Vermont Edition, Sen. Patrick Leahy said he strongly disagrees with the ruling.

Leahy says it’s false to believe someone’s citizenship can be an indicator of a terrorist threat. And he says the ban amounts to a religious test.

“It’s not a question of protecting us, it's anti-American," said Leahy on Vermont Edition Tuesday. "We should be spending our time, our efforts our intelligence community and others, going after real threats, not pretend threats based on an anti-religious test.”

In a statement, Sen. Bernie Sanders said the Supreme Court sided with "fear, racism and xenophobia and against the American ideals of religious freedom and tolerance.”

Rep. Peter Welch called the ruling "a step backwards."