Lyndon State And Johnson State Colleges To Merge, Pending Board Approval

Jul 21, 2016

Lyndon State College and Johnson State College are poised to merge into a single institution. The board that oversees the Vermont state college system has given preliminary approval to the merger.

Jeb Spaulding, chancellor of the state college system, says the move would help alleviate budget stresses without abandoning either of the two campuses.

“It will allow us to streamline the administrative costs, expand opportunities for students so students will not only have access to the faculty staff and resources of their own campus but both campuses," Spaulding says.

Spaulding says his office will spend the next two months analyzing the financial and logistical implications of the plan.

The proposal goes back to board of trustees for final approval in September. Spaulding says he hopes to make the unification official next July.