Mal Maíz Performs "Live From The Fort"

Jan 22, 2019

Costa Rican "gypsy devil" Maiz Vargas Sandoval and his Afro-Cumbia Orchestra, Mal Maíz,  lit up VPR's Stetson Studio One in January. There dynamic set kicked off Live From The Fort's New Voices Project, a collaboration between VPR and The Flynn Center's New Voices Series. The project will showcase world musical traditions nestled in and around the Queen City.

Mal Maíz is:
Colin Henkel - Drums
Graham Lambert - Guitar
Stuart Paton - Congas
Mike Hartigan - Piano
Jacob Deva Racusin - Percussion & Backing Vocals
John Thompson Figueroa - Bass & Backing Vocals
Maïz Vargas Sandoval - Lead Vocals & Percussion

The Set:
- Clandestino
- Fantasma
- Country
- Fonerd
- Garabato
- Gaia Llama
- Richo De Agua
- Barrio
- Pizuica
- Hüru Hurü

All songs written by Mal Maíz.