McGill Varsity Men No Longer 'Redmen'

Apr 12, 2019

Men's sports teams at McGill will no longer be called the 'Redmen.'

Friday, after much deliberation, McGill University announced the change. For next season, the team will go by the McGill Team, after which the Montreal school will announce a new name. 

Deputy Provost Fabrice Labeau said when it was first adopted 100 years ago, the name 'Redmen' did not refer to native peoples.  However, McGill took on the nickname of 'Indians' and used logos stereotyping native peoples through 1992. 

"As language changes and as perceptions change, it's very clear today the name Redmen is considered to be derogatory," said Labeau.

 The women's teams, once known as the Squaws, changed their mascot to the mythical bird the Martlet several decades ago.