A Middlebury Protest Sparks A National Controversy Over Campus Speech

Mar 9, 2017

Conservative author Charles Murray has faced heavy criticism for his controversial theories about race, economics, and intelligence. Last week, Murray was shouted down by protesters as he attempted to give a guest lecture at Middlebury College.

We're talking about the national debate this incident has raised over free speech, campus discourse and who gets to decide what's beyond the pale.

We're joined by two Middlebury professors; Matt Dickinson, who teaches political science, and Linus Owens, who teaches sociology.

Two Middlebury seniors will also be part of the discussion. Alexander Khan studies political science and economics, and is vice president of Middlebury's American Enterprise club, which invited Murray to speak. Elizabeth Siyuan Lee studies philosophy and took part in some of the protests of Murry's lecture.

Also on the program, LaunchVT is a competition for Vermont entrepreneurs to gain financial and mentoring support as they attempt to move their businesses forward. On the cusp of this year's application deadline, Executive Director Katie Taylor discusses the criteria used to select finalists. 

Broadcast live on Thursday, March 9, 2017 at noon; rebroadcast at 7 p.m.