Mud, Sweat And Tears: What It Takes To Be An Ultrarunner In Vermont

A summer hike or a neighborhood run is enough of an outdoor fix for some. But for others, only a 30, 50 or even 100-mile race will do. We’re talking with Vermont ultrarunners about the joy – and pain – to be found in running hundreds of miles.

An ultramarathon is any race over the traditional marathon's 26.2 miles, and can pass through paved roads, mountains trails, farm land and dirt roads.

Ultrarunners have to worry not only about their physical health on their run, but they have to also overcome mental hurdles. Though grueling, the endurance athletes say the sense of community at these competitions is unlike any marathon.

Joining Vermont Edition to talk about ultra-long-distance running culture is Laura Farrell, an ultrarunner, endurance equestrian athlete and founder of Vermont Adaptive Ski & Sports and both the Vermont 100 and the Vermont 50.

We'll also talk with Vermont 50 organizer Mike Silverman about organizing an ultra race for runners and cyclists that runs through miles of woods and private land.

And we’ll hear from Eli Burakian, an ultrarunner attempting to break the record for the fastest known time on the Long Trail, about his and other athletes pursuing "FKT" goals.

Broadcast live on Monday, July 1, 2019; rebroadcast at 7 p.m.