'My Heart Still Beats' Part 2: Sally

Feb 24, 2019

"When you're told over and over, 'Your child's a problem child — he's bad, he's bad, he's bad, he's bad!' ... You believe your kid's bad."

Credit Janelle Sing

Note: This episode contains adult language. You can listen to a bleeped version below.

In this episode of My Heart Still Beats, we meet Sally Greeno. Sally's son Tyler struggled for years with addiction to both opiates and alcohol. But according to Sally, his troubles began from his earliest years in school.

Transcript: My Heart Still Beats, Part 2

My Heart Still Beats is a project of Writers for Recovery and Vermont Public Radio. The series features conversations and original writing from Vermont's recovery community: people in recovery from substance use disorder, and people helping those in recovery rebuild their lives. 

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Listen to a bleeped version of this episode: