No Details, Charges As State Police Wrap Investigation Of Mill River Principal

Jan 28, 2016

The state police has finished its investigation of Mill River Union principal Andy Pomeroy over alleged misconduct. Pomeroy’s lawyer says no charges have been filed, which he believes vindicates his client. But no details have been released either, which is creating mounting frustration for many with ties to the school.

Andy Pomeroy has been principal at Mill River Union School in North Clarendon since 2010. He was put on administrative leave on Jan. 15 following a student complaint.  

Dave Younce, superintendent of the Rutland South Supervisory Union, would not provide any details of the complaint or what police found, saying he needs to protect all parties involved. But Younce says the supervisory union’s investigation continues.

Pomeroy’s attorney, Brian Marsicovetere, says his client feels he’s been falsely accused. Despite that, he says Pomeroy has cooperated fully with investigators.

Marsicovetere says although they reached out to the state police on more than one occasion, Pomeroy was never sought for questioning, something the attorney finds telling. “That alone speaks volumes about the lack of foundation for whatever was being alleged,” says Marsicovetere. “And by the way, we don’t know specifically what was being alleged; we still have not been told.”

He says keeping silent during the investigations while rumors circulated has taken a toll on Pomeroy and his family.

“This is a gentleman who has been a principal or school administrator for a decade. He has five children of his own," says  Marsicovetere. "And the challenging part now is to figure out what will become of Mr. Pomeroy’s relationship with the district. And we’re in touch with their attorney and we’re working through that.”

Dawn Smith has a daughter at Mill River Union. She and other parents are troubled that so few details have been made public concerning the situation. “We have a great school,” says Smith, “and this is embarrassing.”

She says the lack of facts is generating all sorts of speculation, which she believes is hurting everyone.

School board members say they too have received few details, but expect to hear more at their next meeting on Feb. 3.