NRC Affirms Yankee's Fuel Management Plan

Oct 6, 2015

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has determined that Entergy Vermont Yankee's Irradiated Fuel Management plan is consistent with NRC requirements, and that the plan's funding is adequate.

The commission released its ruling Monday.

The NRC requires Entergy to submit a plan for managing the spent fuel on site, and to provide accurate information on the funding of  that plan.

Vermont Yankee submitted its Irradiated Fuel Management Plan to the NRC on Dec. 19, 2014, ten days before the plant ceased operations.

Without an off-site location for the spent fuel, Entergy has to manage and move the fuel to on-site dry cask storage.

In the ruling  the NRC found that there was "reasonable assurance that funding will be available to maintain the Irradiated Fuel Management Plan until the fuel is transferred to the Department of Energy for permanent disposal."

The fund that the NRC ruled on Monday is included in Entergy's larger nuclear decommissioning trust fund, which also covers license termination and site restoration expenditures.

The plan is a requirement by the NRC for companies that are decommissioning nuclear plants.