Occupy, Disrupt, Walk Out: Student Activism Today

Mar 7, 2018

UVM students blocked a main thoroughfare to highlight their demands for greater inclusion and diversity. High school students in Montpelier and Burlington organized to raise the Black Lives Matter flag at their schools. And next week, high school students across the state plan to walk out of class to push for gun legislation.

In Vermont, student activism is alive and well in 2018!

Vermont Edition discusses what students are hoping to accomplish and how they're going about it with Middlebury College Sociology professor Linus Owens.

We'll be joined by Ben Stoll, a senior at  BFA-St. Albans who is helping to organize a walkout there in support of more restrictions on firearms. We'll also hear from Angela Crespo, a UVM senior, cofounder of the Womyn of Color Coalition and an organizer of the No Names For Justice Movement. And we'll hear from Stephanie Gobson Thompson who organized the Books, Not Bombs movement at Springfield High School back in 2003.

Broadcast live on Wednesday, March 7, 2018 at noon; rebroadcast at 7 p.m.