'Pop-up University' Of Irasburg Enrolls Residents As Teachers And Students

Apr 2, 2019

They are a popular trend mixing the important with the ephemeral; "pop-up" shops offer a brief chance to buy boutique wares, while "pop-up" restaurants may only serve meals for a single day. Now in April the Northeast Kingdom town of Irasburg is recruiting students — and teachers — for the month-long "pop-up" University of Irasburg

Judith Jackson, a trustee at the Leach Public Library and organizer for the University of Irasburg, joins Vermont Edition to explain the origins of the project, notable courses and ways the school celebrates both the town and its residents.

The semester opens with the class "Kitchen Table Science" on Saturday, April 6, 2019, and concludes with a "graduation dinner" for professors and students on Friday, April 26. (The final course of the semester, a class on printmaking, is set for Saturday, April 27.)

Jackson says some notable courses include:

  • “Irasburg History” taught by Tillie and Molly Veysey. 
  • “Howard Frank Mosher & The NEK” taught by the late author’s wife, Phillis Mosher.
  • “How to Cook a Bear,” taught by Randy Royer, a hunter and “master meat cutter.”

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