Presenting 'JOLTED,' A New Podcast From VPR

This month on Brave Little State, we interrupt our regular question-asking to bring you the first installment of JOLTED, a new five-part podcast from the VPR newsroom.

JOLTED is a story about a school shooting that didn't happen, the line between thought and crime, and a Republican governor in a rural state who changed his mind about gun laws.

Listen to Part One: The Shooting That Didn't Happen:

The second episode of JOLTED is available right now at, or wherever you get your podcasts. We'll be releasing new episodes on Thursdays through the end of September, so be sure to subscribe.

Brave Little State will be back next month! In the meantime, do share your questions about Vermont, our region or its people at

JOLTED is reported and produced by Liam Elder-Connors and Nina Keck. Emily Corwin is the editor and project manager, with additional editing from VPR News Director Sarah Ashworth, and Managing Editor for Podcasts Angela Evancie. John Van Hoesen is VPR's chief content officer. The theme music was composed by Ty Gibbons. Engineering support from Chris Albertine; digital support from Jonathan Butler, Noah Villamarin-Cutter and Meg Malone. 

JOLTED and Brave Little State have support from the VPR Innovation Fund.