'Projekt 1065' Wins 2018 Dorothy Canfield Fisher Book Award

Apr 30, 2018

Dorothy’s List readers have cast their ballots and the results have been tallied. The winner of this year’s Dorothy Canfield Fisher Book Award is the World War II novel Projekt 1065 by Alan Gratz!

And here’s some more good news for all you Alan Gratz fans – he has two books on the newly released list of nominees for next year’s award.

Projekt 1065 tells the story of the son of an Irish diplomat living in Nazi Germany. His parents are spies, and he becomes one too when he joins the Hitler Youth. His covert job gets even more risky when he tries to break up a secret Nazi mission.

While we didn't discuss Projekt 1065 during this season of Dorothy's List, we did spend time talking about a number of the other nominees. If you missed any Dorothy's List entries this past season, here's all the episodes we aired:

While a winner has now been crowned for this year, the new list of 30 books nominated for next year’s Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award just came out. The Vermont Department of Libraries has been considering changing the name of the award, but for now the new list retains the name Dorothy Canfield Fisher Children's Book Award.

Starting in the fall, we’ll bring you new episodes of Dorothy’s List featuring some of those titles. Meanwhile, you can find those books your local library.