Reeve Lindbergh: Her 'Two Lives' And Growing Up In The Shadow Of Famous, Flawed Parents

May 22, 2018

Reeve Lindbergh grew up in the long shadow cast by her parents, Anne and Charles Lindbergh.

Her father’s feats as an aviator made him one of the best-known people of his time, and the kidnapping and death of the Lindbergh’s infant son in 1932 only increased the family’s notoriety. Later, Charles became a leader in the non-interventionist movement before World War II, the original America First Committee.

Reeve has spent her life coming to terms with the many ways outside interest in her family's life has crept into her own. Her new book of personal essays, Two Lives, explores that sometimes uneasy balance.

Reeve Lindbergh spoke with Vermont Edition about her book and some of the issues that it brings up.

You can find information about Reeve Lindbergh's book tour for Two Lives here.

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