A Second Act For Vermont's Mature Workers

Nov 4, 2019

According to the Vermont Department of Labor, 29% of the state's labor force is 55 and older — that's up from 18% in 2004. We hear a lot about Vermont's aging population, and on this Vermont Edition we'll explore why mature Vermonters are a growing percentage of the labor force.

We'll talk with Mary Branagan, director of program and partner affairs at Associates for Training and Development (A4TD), an organization that works with mature Vermonters who may have barriers to employment, like access to technology, physical limitations and outdated skills. We'll also hear from Joe Seftel, a data clerk at A4TD who was a former participant in the program. 

In addition, we'll hear from Christie Kane, vice president of human resources and information technology at Gardener's Supply Company, which was one of three companies awarded the 2018 Governor's Award for Business Excellence in Supporting Mature Workers.

Disclosure: Gardener's Supply Company is a VPR underwriter.

Listen live on Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2019 at noon; rebroadcast at 7 p.m.