Senior Sanders Advisor Offers Update On The Candidate, And Campaign, After Heart Attack

Oct 11, 2019

Ten days ago, Sen. Bernie Sanders had a heart attack at a campaign event in Las Vegas. Doctors discovered Sanders had a blocked artery and inserted two stents to repair that blockage. But what does Sanders' health mean for the campaign, and the Democratic presidential primary? Vermont Edition talks with senior campaign advisor Jeff Weaver to get an update on the candidate and his campaign.

Earlier this week, Sanders told the New York Times he planned a "slow" return to the campaign trail. Sanders now says he "misspoke" and plans an active campaign. Weaver said there will be "an easing back in to the brutal schedule" of campaigning.

One thing Weaver said was not discussed in the wake of the heart attack was Sanders potentially quitting his quest for the presidency.

"There was never any discussion about dropping out of the race," Weaver said. "Absolutely not."

Weaver said the Senator will "absolutely" be at three-hour debate on Tuesday, Oct. 15.

In a video released by the campaign this week, Sanders stated he feels "great" and vowed to return to "the campaign trail as soon as possible." 

Listen to the full interview above with campaign advisor Jeff Weaver to hear more about how Sanders is recovering, questions the heart attack raises about candidates' age in the Democratic primary and criticisms about the campaign's slow acknowledgment of Sanders' medical condition in the days after the heart attack.

Broadcast on Friday, Oct. 11, 2019 at noon; rebroadcast at 7 p.m.