Timeline: Elements

Jun 23, 2018

From VPR Classical comes a four-part educational series of podcasts based on the elements of antiquity: FIRE, WATER, EARTH and AIR.

Enjoy the podcast and experience the video of Timeline: Elements Live recorded in VPR's Stetson Studio One.

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Timeline: Elements dives into music, history, art, science and philosophy. Through the stories and facts presented, the series seeks to break down the compartments of knowledge that separate our thinking and allow the listener to draw connections from different disciplines and time periods.

Credit U.S. - Public Domain

FIRE is the power of transformation and has shaped culture from the very beginning.

Credit U.S. - Public Domain

WATER is the source and sustainer of life. It covers 70 percent of the Earth's surface and makes up 60 percent of our bodies.

Credit U.S. - Public Domain

EARTH is the realm of our daily lives: the stage, the setting of our hopes, fears, dreams and passions.

Credit U.S. - Public Domain

AIR is the focus of our dreams and ambitions, the sky that we see as the limit of our imagination.

Timeline, hosted by James Stewart, is a program from VPR Classical, a service of Vermont Public Radio. Special thanks to Kari Anderson for her support of this project.