Underwriting On VPR

Why Become A VPR Underwriter?

VPR is a trusted, local and independent source for news, music and entertainment. Underwriting on VPR connects you to an active, engaged and informed audience of more than 200,000 weekly listeners. According to the 2019 NPR Listener Profile, when compared to the average U.S. adult public radio listeners are:  

  • 256% more likely to have participated in a community involvement activity
  • 59% more likely to attend a music performance and 54% more likely to attend a rock performance
  • 34% more likely to dine out at a restaurant
  • 127% more likely to be a college graduate
  • 72% more likely to have a household income of $150,000+
  • 26% more likely to participate in regular fitness activity
  • 109% more likely to hold a top management position
  • 149% more likely to attend an art gallery or show

    VPR connects you to an active, engaged and informed audience of more than 200,000 weekly listeners.
    Credit Lisa Cadieux / For VPR
    Connecting with the public radio audience gets results.

    While your customers have multiple places to go for news and entertainment, public media is where they go for an environment of quality and trust. And, unlike commercial advertising, your underwriting messages stand out in a clutter-free environment. Listeners hear them as information, not an interruption. 

    Actions taken by listeners as a result of what they heard on public radio.
    Credit Lisa Cadieux / for VPR

    As a result of what they heard on public radio, listeners took the following actions:

    • 32% considered a new product or service
    • 16% purchased a product or service
    • 16% recommended a product or service to others
    • 29% gathered information on a company or product
    • 30% read a specific book
    • 30% visited a sponsor's website
    • 39% shopped at a particular store or location

    Broadcast Underwriting

    VPR is Vermont’s only statewide public radio network, providing an essential and trusted independent voice for news, information, music and cultural exploration for the people of our region. Your support as a VPR underwriter sustains our two statewide program networks, VPR News and VPR Classical

    Vermont Public Radio reaches an audience of more than 200,000 listeners per week in Vermont, New York, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Quebec.
    Credit Lara Dickson / For VPR

    VPR News provides local news from our award-winning local newsroom, in-depth conversations about current events and issues on Vermont Edition, and popular national programs like NPR’s Morning Edition and All Things Considered, along with Fresh Air, Marketplace, The Moth Radio Hour, and Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me.

    As Vermont’s only classical music network, VPR Classical provides locally hosted music throughout the day, providing passion, context and background to timeless music. The network also features live performances from VPR’s Stetson Studio One, as well as weekly concerts from the Vermont Symphony Orchestra and Boston Symphony Orchestra.

    Your support for VPR News and VPR Classical is recognized in 10-second on-air underwriting messages read by a trusted VPR announcer or host. Contact our corporate support associates for suggestions about a schedule that will meet your marketing goals and budget.

    VPR Livestream Underwriting

    Nearly 150,000 listeners access VPR News and VPR Classical through our livestreams via VPR.org, the VPR mobile apps, smart speakers or other streaming devices. We offer monthly sponsorship of the streaming service: your 15-second message will play when the stream starts. 

    VPR Digital Underwriting

    With an average of nearly 200,000 unique monthly users, VPR.org is a valuable resource for news and information as well as on-demand listening. Reach our digital audience with a 300x250 pixel tile at the top of VPR.org and/or a 320x50 mobile banner on our apps and mobile site. These are offered in increments of 10,000 impressions. We also offer banner placement in our e-newsletters - please contact our team for details.

    VPR Podcast and On-Demand Sponsorship

    VPR offers monthly sponsorship of its original podcasts, Brave Little State, which answers audience questions about Vermont, and But Why: A Podcast For Curious Kids, which reaches an international audience with more than 300,000 monthly downloads. We also produce special limited-run podcasts that take a deeper look at issues facing Vermonters.

    What Our Underwriters Say

    “We’re an underwriter because we believe VPR is a critical component of the Vermont community. My customers are VPR listeners, and are interested in the environment and supporting the local economy.” - Marc Sherman, Outdoor Gear Exchange

    “VPR plays an important role in helping us achieve our marketing goals. Our clients consistently mention they hear our message on VPR and they really appreciate that we’ve been long term supporters.” - Heidi Clute, Clute Wealth Management

    "Simply by underwriting on VPR, you connect in a very different way. We get comments from our guests all the time who thank us for supporting VPR. It's just smart marketing, but marketing that feels very good." - Jed Davis, The Farmhouse Group

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    VPR’s Corporate Support team is:

    To learn more about options for underwriting on VPR, please contact us. We’d be happy to work with you on a package that will meet your marketing goals and budget.

    If you are a current underwriter and are looking for guidelines, specs or answer to billing questions, we've collected resources for you here.