Union General George Stannard And Vermont's Civil War Heritage

Oct 18, 2018

Civil War General George Stannard called a Milton farmhouse home after the war, and efforts are now underway to restore that farmhouse and honor the military career of the Vermont general as part of larger strides toward a Vermont Civil War Heritage Trail. We're talking about Gen. Stannard and the role he played in the outcome of the Civil War.

Joining Vermont Edition to discuss Gen. Stannard and the state's Civil War heritage is Bill Kaigle, the co-chair of the General Stannard House Committee, and Liam McKone, commander of Stannard Camp, the northwest Vermont chapter of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War.

We'll also hear from noted Vermont Civil War historian Howard Coffin, and Bob Stannard, a Vermont musician and former state lawmaker who's a descendent of Gen. Stannard.

Broadcast live on Friday, Oct. 19, 2018 at noon; rebroadcast at 7 p.m.