An Uphill Climb: Scaling Vt's Rock Faces

Oct 9, 2012

Rock climbers concede that their sport might look dangerous to the casual observer. But they say it's no more dangerous than most other outdoor sports. What is different is the level of concentration that it takes to make their way up sheer cliffs. More and more people are discovering the exhilaration of a day in the rocks. Underhill climber Travis Peckham is helping more people find the best places for a day of climbing. He's written a new book, Tough Schist, which describes climbs across the northern two-thirds of the state. We also hear from Matt Digan of the Green Mountain Climbing Center in Rutland, who says there's also great climbing in the Adirondack and White mountains.

Also on the program, a new online program matches hunters with landowners in an effort to balance the deer herd throughout the state. Scott Darling of the Department of Fish and Wildlife explains how it works, and how it might help protect forests from overbrowsing.

And, story from Cavendish about restoring a ballfield and restoring the town's spirit more than a year after Tropical Storm Irene.