Vermont Law School And EPA Sign Agreement To Connect Classrooms And Faculty

Jan 12, 2017

The Vermont Law School and the Environmental Protection Agency have signed an agreement that will link students and faculty between the two organizations.

The five-year Memorandum Of Understanding will effectively create a pipeline, giving EPA faculty opportunities to take classes with the Vermont Law School and students the chance to participate in forums and seminars with the EPA.

Marc Mihaly is the president of Vermont Law School, which is home to one of the top environmental programs in country. He says this agreement is crucial in the current political environment.

“EPA officials can come to Vermont Law School and take courses, which give them a depth of information about environmental and climate issues that they might not otherwise get in their daily work," he told VPR.

The agreement also makes connections with historically African American colleges – mostly in the south – in order to create a more diverse group of environmental advocates.