VPR Cafe: Chefs Shift From The Kitchen To The Snack Bar During Summer

Jul 28, 2017

What if you were a chef known for creating delicious gourmet meals, but part of you had a love of making great burgers, fried chicken, lush milkshakes or creemees? Well, some area chefs have opened snack bars and creemee stands to harness these less formal culinary desires.   

In this podcast, Vermont Life food editor, Melissa Pasanen, tells us about chefs from two Vermont restaurants who have changed things up a little for the summer months by offering mass-appeal meals with a unique twist. 

Vermont Snack Bars: High-End Chefs Shake It Up by Melissa Pasanen

Chloe Genovart and Charlie Menard both grew up in Vermont where they enjoyed their share of summertime snack bar fries and frosty creemees. Each went on to become a successful culinary professional at the high end of the dining spectrum. They then decided to take those skills to bring high-quality, locally sourced snack bar classics to their communities. 

Last summer, Genovart and her husband, Wesley, added Honey Pie in Jamaica to their elegant SoLo Farm and Table in South Londonderry. Menard, who had built up the busy event catering operation at the romantic Inn at Round Barn Farm in Waitsfield, opened Canteen Creemee Company also in Waitsfield.

"I've always had a love of this kind of Americana, the roadside snack bar, from clam shacks along the ocean to the creemee stands of Vermont," says Menard. "It's a good way to get good food to a wide range of people," says Wesley Genovart. "On our days off, this is how we like to eat." 

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