VPR Cafe: The Crunchy Goodness Of Cricket Protein

Jul 19, 2018

If fried grasshoppers and other insects are considered snacks in many parts of the world, why not crunch on crickets, too? One Vermont company is counting on the fact that you might appreciate crickets as part of your diet. 

Flourish Farm in Williston has a 2,500-square-foot space where crickets are being raised by the millions! After these buggers are processed, their high-quality protein can be absorbed by eating them as whole snacks (seasoned and flavored, of course) or through a powder. Generally speaking, crickets also offer other nutrients like calcium, vitamin B12 and iron.

Seven Days food writer, Melissa Pasanen, recently visited this unique farm - located in an industrial park -  to tour the facility and sample this so-called "superfood." She even brought some of this bug-food along to The VPR Cafe. Hear us shake the snack bag and learn more about Flourish Farm's owners and the local entrepreneur who's investing in the product.

Read more about the crunchy critters in Pasanen's article, "Investing In Sustainable Protein: Crickets."