VPR Cafe: Poké Arrives In Vermont

Aug 16, 2018

Like sushi, poké (pronounced POH-keh) is a dish that includes raw fish; however, with Hawaiian roots, it offers a wide range of other ingredients including pasta, beets, greens and fruit. Poké is typically served in a bowl, has become a nationwide food trend and has finally arrived in Vermont.

Seven Days food writer, Sally Pollak, paid a visit to The VPR Cafe to explain the origins of poké, how it's served, and to share deets on what's believed to be Vermont's first poké restaurant, Scale Poké Bar in Williston. The wild salmon used in some of the restaurant's bowls is not locally sourced but, instead, provided by a Vermont fisherman who quickly ships his Alaskan catch back to New England. Owners and husband and wife team, Neil and Perry Farr, had the idea for bringing poké to Vermont after a trip to Hawaii earlier this year.

Learn more about poké by listening to this podcast or in Pollak's Seven Days article, "The Scale Poké Bar Offers Fishy Fare In Williston."