VPR Cafe: Pro Chefs Offer Healthy Cooking Classes

Nov 2, 2018

All around the region, cooking classes seem to be gaining popularity. Some are run by local members of the community at co-ops and others are offered at resorts and feature celebrity chefs. Whether you want to learn to cook or just sharpen your skills, chances are you'll find one close by. 

Food journalist and Seven Days contributor, Melissa Pasanen, recently spent time at two cooking events; a cooking class at Richmond Community Kitchen and a demonstration from TV chef and cookbook author, Sara Moulton, at The Essex. The underlying theme of both events: helping people eat better. In this episode of The VPR Cafe, Pasanen tells us what else is at offered at these cooking classes, and where others can be found around the region.

After listening, be sure to read Pasanen's Seven Days articles, "Healthy Food Options Multiply At Richmond Community Kitchen" and "TV Chef Sara Moulton Shares Kitchen Know-How At The Essex."