VPR Cafe: A Storied Chef, Some Sausages And Austrian-Styled Suds

Dec 8, 2017

The von Trapp family has brought the Vermont hills alive again! This time, in the form of a brewery and bierhall. Playing a major role in that bierhall is Chef Jack Pickett.

Seven Days food writer, Sally Pollak, stopped by The VPR Cafe to talk about her visit to The von Trapp Brewing Bierhall Restaurant and a conversation she had with Chef Pickett. Hear how the Austrian-styled beer and food go hand in hand and how Pickett has helped the bierhall attract an abundance of visitors from near and far.

In this podcast, Pollack also shares the story of how this chef was able to overcome a major setback to continue his long, successful career in central Vermont. Check out her Seven Days article, "Longtime Locavore Chef Jack Pickett Keeps It Real," to read more.