VPR Cafe: Sweet Doe Dairy's New Twist On Gelato

Aug 31, 2018

During a recent round-up of summer farmers market finds, Seven Days food writer, Hannah Palmer Egan, was taken with a new spin on a sweet treat from a Chelsea dairy: gelato. The Italian-style ice cream was born around the year 1600. Fast-forward 500-plus years to present day Vermont where we find the frozen confection still being created similarly, but with a twist from Sweet Doe Dairy. 

Instead of producing gelato with cow's milk, Sweet Doe's owners, Mike and Lisa Davis, are using goat's milk. But not just any goat milk; they've chosen Nigerian Dwarf goats because the breed's milk doesn't have the musky, pungent flavor found in other goat products. In addition, goat's milk items tend to be more digestable to some who are lactose-intolerant.

In this pocast, Egan discusses the couple's interest in agriculture, how they built the farm and dairy, and where you can find their gelato around the state. Read more in her Seven Days article, "At Chelsea's Sweet Doe Dairy, The 'Kids' Are Alright."