VPR Choral Hour Sing-Along!

May 20, 2020

Click here for the sheet music of this week's VPR Choral Hour Sing-Along!

As people all over the world discover that singing together — whether on porches, balconies, or inside our homes — raises spirits and connects us, the VPR Choral Hour will offer a beloved choral work to listen to and give you a chance to sing along!

Sunday, May 24th on VPR Classical, the Choral Hour will offer our next installment of many sing-alongs! 

Join us as we sing the first part of Brahm's "German Requiem" this week on the VPR Choral Hour.
Credit U.S. Public Domain

In honor of Memorial Day we will spend the next two weeks singing Brahms' Requiem Mass. Join us this week for the first part of this monumental choral work. Feel free to dust off your copy at home or click here for a free PDF of the sheet music.

Click here for the German text and English translation.  Sing along every week on Sunday 11 a.m., rebroadcast Tuesday at 8 p.m. on VPR Classical.