VPR Reporter On Burlington Police Dept., Body Cams And Allegations Of Excessive Force

Jul 9, 2019

In March, 54-year-old Douglas Kilburn died three days after getting into an altercation with Burlington Police Officer Cory Campbell. The fight occurred after Campbell responded a second time to Kilburn's behavior at the UVM Medical Center, including blocking the ambulance bay with his car. Vermont's chief medical examiner ruled Kilburn's death a homicide, but did not find a specific cause of death. Now a court decision has led to the public release of Officer Campbell's body camera footage of the incident.

The footage was released to the public last week. Campbell's attorney asserts the officer was acting in self-defense during the altercation.

It's only the latest in several incidents raising questions about police conduct in Burlington.

VPR reporter Liam Elder Connors joins Vermont Edition to discuss his coverage of BPD and related stories.

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