VPR.net Is Now VPR.org: Here's What That Means

Feb 6, 2019

Vermont Public Radio’s website and digital products changed from VPR.net to VPR.org. While you’ll notice this change when you hear our website referenced on the air, all of the online services will redirect automatically and the change should be a seamless experience.

UPDATE: We've completed the major changes to VPR's website this week. The noteable changes include: changing www.vpr.net to www.vpr.org, and redirecting all the former links; rolling out the https secure protocol to the rest of the site (with just a few remaining exceptions); and changing email addresses for VPR staff to reflect the new domain.

For more information, please read the rest of the post. If you spot any issues with VPR's website, or any of our services, please contact us any time.


We’re making this change to align VPR with our industry and peers as well as online conventions. The top-level domain “.org” is the domain of other nonprofits and public media organizations, such as NPR.org. Why have we been VPR.net all these years? VPR.org wasn’t available when we first launched our website in 1997 (here's what that looked like, courtesy of the Wayback Machine). We acquired the new web address several years ago and now we’re changing over our site and systems.

For listeners, the biggest change will be hearing “go to VPR.org” on the air instead of “go to VPR.net.” For our online audience, you’ll notice the new web address, but functionally the change will be seamless: the website, live streams and podcasts will work without interruption and every existing link to VPR.net news, programs and playlists at VPR.net will automatically redirect. Did you click on a link you found in an old tweet or email? That will redirect automatically. Do you subscribe to the Vermont Edition podcast? That will keep updating with new episodes, you won't have to change anything. Do you have one of those VPR.net pint glasses from a few years ago? If the pint glass inspires you to go the website, and you type “VPR.net” into your web browser, you will be automatically redirected to VPR.org — and you can still use the pint glass!

If you regularly receive email from VPR, either from staff or via our email lists like The Frequency, please know that our email addresses will soon change to use the new .org domain as well. For the time being, all .net email addresses will continue to work, but look for updates via your contacts and emails from VPR. Depending on your email provider, you might have to “allow” emails from VPR.org so they’re not caught in your email filters.

Of course, there may be unanticipated issues or bugs, and we appreciate your help spotting them and your patience as we resolve them. As always, if you have any trouble with the website or any of VPR’s services, please contact us so we can address the issue asap. Thanks for all the ways you support VPR, including through changes like these.