VPR's Membership Drive

Dec 3, 2018

Update: More than 5,000 listeners came together to help VPR exceed our December 2018 membership drive goal on Friday morning, December 14 - earlier than planned! We are amazed and humbled by your generosity and passion for VPR. Thank you!

Please make a year-end gift to VPR now to help meet our goal of 5,000 contributors.

We believe journalism is a public service that makes our democracy work. We believe a great state is only great when it has a vibrant culture of performance, music and arts. And we believe when we work together, we can see past our differences, understand each other more deeply and solve our biggest problems.

For more than 40 years, Vermont Public Radio has been driven by these principles — but we can’t do it alone. In fact, we never have. Together, we are Vermont Public Radio.

Vermont Public Radio is proud to be listener supported. Great things happen when thousands of Vermonters stand together to invest in community. Because you believe in the power of independent, non-profit public media, donate now and join the movement during our December membership drive.

Vermont Public Radio can only fulfill our public service mission when we all support it together. Please make a donation today to ensure the future success of VPR and its service to the community.

So Happy Together: VPR's "Together" Playlist
In honor of our membership drive theme celebrating how Vermont Public Radio happens when we all work together, we made you a playlist featuring our favorite songs on that theme!
Credit Photo: Herb Swanson/Illustration: Lara Dickson

In honor of our membership drive theme celebrating how Vermont Public Radio happens when we all work together, we made you a playlist featuring our favorite songs on that theme! And listen to Friday Night Jazz, My Place and All The Traditions the weekend of December 7-9 for together-themed shows curated by your favorite hosts!

On a desktop? You'll need a Spotify account to listen to the full playlist.
On a mobile phone? You'll need to download the Spotify app to listen to the full playlist.
The Spotify app and an account are free.

New Swag! The VPR Skida Hat

VPR Volunteer Rick Barrett models the new VPR winter hat.
Credit Francesca Orsini / VPR

The new VPR hat is made in Vermont by Skida of Burlington. Printed with an original design, the poly-lycra fabric is fully lined with cozy mid-weight fleece - it wicks moisture, cuts the wind, and always leaves you warm and dry. Great for chilly runs, hitting the slopes, or just cruising around town; you can show your support wherever you go this winter! Available for a gift of $12/month or $125.

Get your VPR hat now!


We’re giving away prizes throughout the drive! The sooner you make a gift, the more chances you have to win! Prizes include:

  • Five 9.7-inch 32GB iPads with WiFi
  • Three $250 gift cards to Outdoor Gear Exchange in Burlington or gearx.com
  • Two $1,000 travel vouchers good for accommodations or transportation to anywhere.

You’ll find our contest rules here, including details for entering without donating.

Brave Little State Pledge Drive Listening Party!
Brave Little State is VPR's people-powered journalism podcast.
Credit Aaron Shrewsbury

Listen Saturday, December 8 at 10 a.m. and Wednesday, December 12 at 9 p.m. for our Brave Little State Pledge Drive Listening Party!. We'll share a sampler from our archive of listener questions about Vermont, and some of our favorite moments from our people-powered journalism project. We also hope to hear from YOU: public media is powered by listener dollars, and we’ll take some time during the hour to show you how your support makes a difference.

Questions about the drive? Check out our Membership Drive FAQ or contact us anytime.

*This post will be updated.