Want To Reel In A Big One? There's An App For That

Jun 11, 2013

Fishing season is now in full swing, and that means anglers are all hoping for the same thing: a great catch. Vermont’s Fish & Wildlife Department is doing their part to facilitate the fun by stocking waters with fish.

Now, thanks to a new app created during an open source "Hackathon" called Code for BTV, the stocking schedule is easily accessible. Using the map, anglers can find out exactly when the waters will be freshly stocked.

Open The 2013 Fish Stocking Schedule App

The agency’s Fish Culture Operations Chief Adam Miller says raising fish in a hatchery and then releasing them into the wild can help boost dwindling fish populations.

“The first goal is to provide recreational angling opportunities for people” Miller says. “And the second goal is to restore fish species to areas we’d like them to be restored.”

While fish stocking draws criticism from some, Miller says it’s instrumental in generating revenue for Vermont and bolstering recreational fishing.

The interactive map was coded by VPR’s Matt Parrilla and Joey Di Stefano, a programmer from OK+.