But Why LIVE: Hoots And Screeches And Whistles, Part 2

May 25, 2018

How fast can the fastest bird go (and what bird is it?) Why do birds have wings? How do they fly? Why are birds so colorful? And why do they sing at dawn and dusk? In the second part of our live show in April with Bird Diva Bridget Butler, we learn all about birds, and get some lessons in how to sing like our avian neighbors!

This episode was recorded live at The Mega Awesome Super Huge Wicked Fun Podcast Playdate in Brookline, Massachusetts on April 29.


We were joined for the fun by birding expert and consultant Bridget Butler. In this interactive episode we explore the different ways birds move and use their wings, discover the fastest birds by air and by land, and we make our own dawn chorus with hundreds of kids adding their voices to the beautiful cacophony!

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