Windham And Grafton Reject Controversial Wind Project

Nov 8, 2016

An industrial wind development was flatly rejected by two southern Vermont towns that voted on the project Tuesday.

The Spanish energy company Iberdrola Renewables said it wanted to build Vermont's largest wind project in Windham and Grafton.

And both towns voted against the project Tuesday.

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Anna Vesely Pilette lives in Grafton, and she worked to fight back against the plan.

"Two little towns were able to stand up to an immense corporation, with all of its resources, all of its lawyers all of its lobbyists," Vesely Pilette said. "I just am very gratified."

Tuesday's votes were nonbinding, but Iberdrola spokesman Paul Copleman says the company will walk away from the project.

"As we've indicated, we plan to cease development of the project unless the communities at some point contemplate reconsidering their decision," Copleman said.

In Grafton the wind project went down by a vote of 235 to 158.

In Windham voters rejected the project 181 to 101.

Both towns had voter turnout above 75 percent.