Young Writers Project: 'If I Could Fold The World'

Oct 1, 2018

Once I folded an origami rose,
with layers of curled petals spiraling,
gently leaning back in the sun,
wrapping in close to itself.

Imagine if I could stretch my arms
and reach, miles and miles,
grasping the North Pole with one hand,
the South Pole with the other,
folding the northern tip of Canada
down to the equator.

People would dance,
arms curled around each other.
The world would gently lean back
toward the sun.
The world would wrap people in,
close to itself.
If only I knew how.

The instructions are not
folded away in a drawer,
hidden among layers of paper.
Leaning back into my imagination’s fire,
I must find my own way
to wrap my hands close around the idea
that will let me fold the world.