Young Writers Project: 'Lively'

Aug 24, 2015

Olivia Pintair, of Williston, has been writing with Young Writers Project since she was 8-years-old and is now entering her sophomore year at Emma Willard School. She says this poem was inspired by her love of nature and it describes the relationship one has with the natural world.

By Olivia Pintair
Grade 10, Emma Willard School

I've never seen a dying soul
or caught a crying, wingless dove.
I've not a fear of falling skies,
but I have known a lawless love.

I have seen an empress sky
and bloomed while kneeling in the grass.
I have kissed the ether's sigh
and seen the first and known the last.

I have learned to swim at sea
and chase the waveless, inlet sound.
And not but one has strayed from me,
a romance with the world I've found.