Young Writers Project: 'This Is Not A Story'

Dec 7, 2018

Hello reader!
This is not a story.
There are no heroes with powers,
nor evil witches in towers.
So you can leave.
Go. Shoo.
There is nothing here for you.
No damsels telling tales of woe,
nor knights riding
with ladies in tow.

There are no frogs to become princes,
nor huge crabs that pinch.
No matter how hard you wish,
there will be no magical dish.
The dragons aren’t here,
and no funky boats out on the pier.
You are still here?
Still around?
My, your stubbornness does astound!
But there is nothing waiting for you –
no secret treasure,
not even a shoe.
I am tired, go away.
I wish to rest for the day.
What’s that you say?
Do not delay!
For you have got
your own story to tell.