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Art Hounds: Boxed In



This week, our Art Hounds take us to the stage for several performances around the region.

Mark Binder of Pomfret, Vermont, called the VPR Art Hounds hotline to recommend a benefit event for Rural Vermont, with storyteller Annie Hawkins.

The event on Sunday, November 18th is titled, In The Arms of Mother Earth; Living Close to the Land, and features a collection of stories from Pakistan, a traditional Swahili tale and a Hawkins' original Vermont mystery, called Spells.

The event takes place at the First Universalist Parish in Chester, Vermont.

Genese Grille, a performer from Burlington, Vermont, called about the experimental theater production, called Orkestriska's Box at the Black Box Theater in Burlington.

The imaginative show, created by Trish Denton, pictured, of Spielpalast Cabaret fame, features a heady mix of an original score, animation, street theater and silent acting.

Ted Schiffman of Haverill, New Hampshire, left his recommendation on VPR's Art Hounds hotline for a musical performance by Tasmania native, Audrey Auld. She will perform this weekend at Court Street Arts.

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To become an Art Hound for VPR, fill out the form, then call the Art Hounds Hotline at (802) 778-9585 to record your recommendation.