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Storm Damage Spurs Climate Discussion

An aerial view of an damanged bridge with a construction vehicle nearby.
Toby Talbot
Associated Press File
In this file photo, a bridge is washed-out on Route 100 in Ludlow. The state's "Climate Change Team" says climate change data


Massive storms like Sandy and Irene fit the model that climate scientists have been predicting: climate change will bring more frequent and intense storms our way. So what's a Vermonter to do about it? On the next Vermont Edition, we talk with a few people who are focused on the question of what individuals and small communities can do about climate change. Our guests include Amy Seidl, author of Finding High Ground: Adaptation in the Age of Warming, and leader of UVM's Climate Action Seminar: Responding to the New Normal. And we talk with Kathy Blume, an activist with 350 Vermont, the climate change group that seeks to be a global example for solving what they call the climate crisis.

Also in the program, an update on how Vermont conducts search and rescue operations. The Vermont Legislature created a Search and Rescue Strategic Plan Development Committee in response to a hiker's death in Ripton earlier this year. Neil Van Dyke of Stowe Mountain Rescue is a member of the committee. He outlines the recommendations the group is making to the Legislature.