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Next Steps For Vt. Pot Laws

Ed Andrieski
A worker inspects a marijuana plant at a grow house in Denver, on Thursday, Nov. 8, 2012. Marijuana legalization votes this week


On election night, Burlington voters registered their support for legalizing marijuana in the city in a non-binding referendum. Their case was bolstered by binding votes for legalization in Colorado and Washington State. But leaders at the Statehouse say a more likely course of action is to decriminalize the drug. And many in law enforcement are against both approaches. We hear from Albert Petrarca, founder of BTVGreen, the group that pushed for the Burlington vote; outgoing Rep. Jason Lorber and state Sen. Joe Benning, who've both worked for decriminalization bills in the Legislature; and from Keith Clark, sheriff of Windham County, who opposes decriminalization.

Also in the program, famed American painter Edward Hopper is known for lonely, urban, architectural scenes, like Nighthawks at the Diner. Lesser known are a scenes of pastoral landscapes Hooper painted in Vermont. We learn more from Bonnie Tocher Clause who's written a new book, Edward Hopper In Vermont.