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Homeless For The Holidays

Toby Talbot
Associated Press File
U.S. Rep. Peter Welch, D-Vt., left, views a sleeping dorm with Executive Director Kim Woolaver at the Good Samaritan Haven,


As the weather turns chilly, most of us are gladwe have a warm house to return to at night. But nearly 3,000 Vermontersmight not have place to call home this year. The Council on Homelessness, which was created by Governor Shumlin at the beginning of this year, is nearly finished with its Plan to End Homelessness. We'll talk to Angus Chaney, Director of Housing at the Agency of Human Services, and Rita Markley, Executive Director of the Committee on Temporary Shelter. We'll also hear from Hilary Melton, Executive Director of Pathways to Housing, Richard McInerney, Director of Springfield Supportive Housing Project, and Jack Kearnan of the Council on Homelessness.

We'll take a look at the resources available to help people out of homelessness, or stop them from becoming homeless in the first place. Have you ever been in danger of losing your home? Share your story below.

Also in the program, recognition for a scholar who uses modern mapping to bring reveal hidden history. Anne Knowles is a professor of geography at Middlebury College and she just received a Smithsonian American Ingenuity Award for applying GIS technology to studying the Civil War and the Holocaust.