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Circumpolar Vermont

Sage Van Wing
Above the arctic circle on Sweden's Kungsleden trail. July 2012.


Outside of Alaska,people don't often think of the U.S.as an arctic nation. In fact we are one of only 8 members of the Arctic Council. As glaciers melt and temperatures change, the study of arctic regions is becoming more popular.

It turns out quite a few scholars who study the arctic make their home in Vermont. The Centerfor Circumpolar Studies is a new institute in this state which will begin accepting students next fall.Kathleen Osgood and Steven Young, scholars and founders of the Center for Circumpolar studies, will talk with us about relevance of arctic study.

Also, earlier this month Middlebury College announced that it is initiating a formal process to look at divesting from fossil fuel companies.Students at the University of Vermont have also asked for divestment. We'll get some perspective on how successful divestment campaigns have been in the past.