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A Dream Inside A Dream, Inside A Great Big Dream



;My Language Arts teacher was trying to explain how light works, and said something about, lsquo;If your hand was somehow turned invisible, it wouldn't exist.rsquo; Which scared the heck out of me and made no sense. So I went home and wrote a poem about how that made me feel, and I kind of ended up ranting about a bunch of things that I thought were scary and ridiculous. ;

A Dream Inside a Dream, Inside a Great Big Dream
by Bethany Conner
Age 14, Essex Middle School, Grade 8

Today I heard that you are never really touching anything.
Today I was told if I somehow became invisible, I would not exist.
I wanted to cry.
We are so much more complex than that. I would still have my mind, wouldn't I, if my hand could not be seen?
Sometimes I wonder if this is all in my head. Sometimes I'm terrified this is all a dream.
I like to write stories about those common fears, but I would never believe them to be true.
Only in my wildest nightmares do pigs fly
invisible people do not exist
I am never really touching anything
and my dreams are dreams inside of another dream.
Only in science fiction novels.
and not the good ones. The garbage only true sci-fi fans like.
It's like a bad ending to a great book.
But by the end of the day, I realize
it doesn't matter.
Even if this is a dream
it's a damn good one.
And I'm in no hurry to wake up.