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Vermont's Economy

Flickr/ Erik Jaeger


Federal lawmakers managed to keep us from going over the 'fiscal cliff,' but that doesn't necessarily mean the economic outlook for 2013 is rosy. Incomes actually rose in Vermont last year, but we still have over 5% unemployment. What can we learn from the economic indicators of the last few years about where Vermont might be headed?

We'll talk about Vermont's economy with Art Woolf, Economics professor, at UVM and Paul Cillo, President of the Public Assets Institute.

Also in the program, the Progressive Party's priorities in Montpelier. The Progressives hold only a handful of seats in the Vermont House and Senate, but caucus includes lawmakers with deep experience in the Legislature. We talk with Rep. Chris Pearson and Sen. David Zuckerman about what they plan to accomplish in this legislative session.

Plus, we'll learn about two old wooden board games: Pinchnut and Crokinole.