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Breaking Open A New Revenue Source

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Governor Shumlin hopes to raise $17 million by taxing break open tickets.
Governor Shumlin hopes to raise $17 million by taxing break open tickets.


During his budget address last week, Governor Shumlinsaid the state should tax break open tickets. He believes these unregulated lottery-style tickets could generate $17 million for the state annually. It is believed that as many as 250 million of the tickets were sold in bars and clubs in Vermont last year. But many in the state have been left to wonder just what a break open ticket is.

Liquor Control Commissioner Michael Hogan and Director of Enforcement Bill Goggins clarify this potential new source for state revenue sand explain how their sales are being overseen now.

Also on the program, many exterminators, farmers and homeowners have used rodenticides with the belief that they only affect the rats for which they are intended. Ted Williams, contributing editor to Audubon Magazine, discusses new findings showing the lethal effects on predators like hawks and owls. He's written an article called Poisons Used to Kill Rodents Have Safer Alternatives, that appeared in January's issue of the magazine.

Plus, we travel to Giorgetti Ice Arena to get a curling lesson from the Rutland Rocks Curling Club.