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Finding and Paying for Childcare

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University of Vermont Childcare Center
University of Vermont Childcare Center


Governor Shumlin has made providing child care for low-income Vermonters a priority in his budget this year. He says affordable child care will give Vermont's children a head start, and help workers get back into the job market.

Currently, around 6,000 families in the state receive subsidies for child care. That still leaves a lot of Vermonters struggling to afford child care. Many have had to come up with creative solutions: enlisting relatives, splitting work shifts,or sharing nannies with other families. Even if you can afford child care, it can often be difficult to find.

We'll talk to Reeva Murphy, Deputy Commissioner of the Child Development Division of the Department for Children and Families, and Mitch Golub of the Vermont Achievement Center in Rutland about regulation, cost, and supply of child care in Vermont. We'll also hear from Seven Days reporter Ken Picard on his recent story about child care.

Also,with the State House back in session we turn to a veteran of the Vermont political scene for a peak at the inner workings of government. Former State Senator Vince Illuzzi talks about how advocates, citizens and lobbyists play a part in the daily life of legislators in Montpelier.