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Goodbye 'Fancy', Hello 'Golden Color'

David Duprey


Until now there's been no standardized labeling when it comes to maple syrup grades. Vermont uses a different system than other U.S. producers and Canada. Now, after years of negotiations, all producers are on the verge of adopting a set of uniform grades.

That means names familiar to Vermont maple syrup consumers will be replaced with grades like Golden Color, Delicate Taste' and 'Amber Color, Rich Taste'. Reaching agreement on the new grades hasn't been easy, and some producers are worried about losing the cachet Vermont maple syrup enjoys.

We talk with Henry Marckres of the Vermont Agency Of Agriculture, Food And Markets, who serves on the international committee that helped develop the new grades. We'll also hear from producers Jacques Couture and Ken Bushee.

Also on the show, Castleton Polling Institute has released a lot of data recently about a range of opinions in Vermont. We'll ask them about their polling numbers and their methodology.