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The Sky Laughs and Cries



Avery writes: I wrote this poem for my best friend's birthday. She writes poetry herself and is a very inspiring person all the way around. I learn a lot from her!

The Sky Laughs and Cries
by Avery McLean
Grade Seven, Lake Champlain Waldorf School

She loved the way you
Always laughed with her.
At secrets that only
Believers can see.
Because you taught her that
Pretending is
Different than believing.
That sometimes imagining is
Knowing,not just
You taught her that reading the
Lyrics off the Sun is humbling.
But most of all, she learned from you
That the
Sky does cry, but it also
And that's alright,
You said.
That's the way it is in this
Less than perfect world.
Because rain mixed with the Sun,
Tears mixed with laughter,
After that always comes a