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Calvin Coolidge's Fiscal Legacy


President Calvin Coolidge is remembered almost in caricature today as a lsquo;true Yankee': taciturn, frugal, practical and possessing deep roots in a Vermont hill farm. Coolidge never struck his peers as lsquo;mostly likely to succeed' but he eventually served six years as a largely popular president during a time of massive social, economic and technological change.

Bloomberg columnist Amity Shlaes joins us to look at Calvin Coolidge's life and, in particular, the economic principles he espoused as president. Shlaes is author of Coolidge, a deeply researched new biography of the thirtieth president.

Also in the program, there is another Supreme Court that's hearing oral arguments this week: the Vermont Supreme Court. Vermont Law School professor Cheryl Hanna explains the cases that Vermont's high court is hearing in their session at VLS on Wednesday.

And, we read from your letters to the show.